Peterborough murder accused ‘will not escape consequences of his actions’ jury told

A man accused of murdering a party goer in Peterborough last year ‘will not escape the consequences of his actions’ his barrister has told a jury.

By Stephen Briggs
Monday, 17th January 2022, 2:31 pm
Daniel Szalasny
Daniel Szalasny

Bradley Plavecz stabbed Daniel Szalasny to death outside a home in Crown Street, Peterborough in the early hours of May 8 last year.

Plavecz denies murder, but has admitted stabbing Mr Szalasny.

Last week at Peterborough Crown Court, a jury heard from two psychiatrists, who told the court about Plavecz’s ADHD diagnosis, and how that my have affected his ability to exercise self control.

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If the jury decide his ADHD may have substantially impacted his ability to exercise self control, they can return a guilty verdict of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.

The jury have now retired to consider their verdict.

In his closing speech, Stephen Spence, defending, told the jury: “Whatever verdict you deliver, Mr Plavecz will not be going home. Whatever verdict you return he will not escape the consequences of his actions. Whatever verdict you return, Daniel Szalasny and his family will not be deprived of justice.”

During the trial, the court has heard evidence of Plavecz’s previous criminal convictions, which have included a number for possession of an offensive weapon and violence.

His last conviction was for robbery and possession of a knife - but when asked about the details of the offences, Plavecz told the jury he could not remember.

John Farmer, prosecuting, in his closing speech said: “This is a defendant with a history of violence and use of weapons. The last offences of robbery and possession of a weapon, he says he cannot remember what he got that for - there is no medical reason why he would forget - is it because he is lying.”

But Mr Spence said that none of the offences involved the use of a weapon, and if the facts of the robbery offence were relevant, the prosecution could have found those details ‘at the click of a button.’
During his evidence, Plavecz picked up a knife from the sink in the kitchen at Crown Street.

Mr Farmer said: “Why equip youself with a knife - is the reason not rather obvious and important - it is a very deliberate act, arming yourself.”

He asked the jury: “Is that a man out of control because of ADHD - or this a man with anger management problems who is doing the very thing he prepared to do.”

During the trial, the jury have seen CCTV footage of the moment the fatal incident took place. A few seconds before the stabbing, the footage showed Mr Szalasny punch Plavecz to the face.

Mr Spence said: “In the CCTV, the defendant is not a man looking for a fight, not spoiling for a fight. Bradley Plavecz switches and switches in an extreme and violent way and carries out the frenzied attack after the punch.

“Something happened - that trigger of being punched - and at that point he lost it. He lost it because of who he is and the problems he has.

The jury retired to consider their verdict after Judge Sean Enright concluded his summing up.

Plavecz (20) of Arkwright Way, Gunthorpe, has pleaded not guilty to murder.

The case continues.