Peterborough murder accused ‘stabbed man multiple times’ following argument at party, court told

A Peterborough man stabbed another man multiple times - including once through the heart - following an argument at a party, a court has heard.

By Stephen Briggs
Tuesday, 11th January 2022, 5:58 pm
Daniel Szalasny

Daniel Szalasny (22) of Princes Gardens in Eastfield died from the stab wounds in the early hours of May 8 last year following the party in Crown Street.

He was stabbed by Bradley Plavecz after the pair argued.

Plavecz (20) of Arkwright Way, Peterborough denies murder.

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Plavecz appeared at Peterborough Crown Court this morning for the first day of his trial.

Jurors were shown CCTV footage of the moment the stabbing happened in the car park outside.

John Farmer, prosecuting, opened the case, telling the jury of nine women and three men that there was no dispute that Plavecz had stabbed Mr Szalasny - but the case would be decided based on issues around the defendant’s ADHD.

Mr Farmer said: “At around 5am on May 8 last year the defendant stabbed the victim in the car park behind a house in Crown Street.

“The facts are not complex.

“It is not in dispute that the defendant stabbed the deceased. What is in dispute is whether the mental state was affected to reduce it to manslaughter - known as diminished responsibility.”

Mr Farmer said there was no indication the pair knew each other before the party, and the jury were told Mr Szalasny arrived at the house, with friends, at around 4am.

The jury were told that one woman at the party said she had seen the defendant with a knife, while another didn’t see the weapon, but heard him say ‘I have a knife.’

Mr Farmer said: “Soon afterwards, the householder ordered everybody out of the house.

“Most people went out into the back garden and the park. There was a row between two women, and the row between teh defendant and the deceased was still festering.

“The indication is the deceased man has been made very angry towards the defendant. In the car park he is trying to get at the defendant, but he is restrained by two friends.

“He broke free from his restraining friends and approached the defendant, and swung (a punch) at him.

“Although the deceased moved away, the defendant was prepared with a weapon, a knife, which he then draws.

“He used it, the prosecution say, seven times.

“One of those did not reach the skin. One went directly to the heart, and it killed him. The others hit the front, side and rear of the body. It may be disputed that the defendant caused the wounds to the side and back. But the prosecution say no-one else had a weapon. There is no possible explanation that could have caused any injuries.”

Mr Farmer told the court that Plavecz was arrested on May 12, and he was interviewed by police.

In the interview, Mr Farmer said Plavecz ‘falsely claimed the deceased had a knife,’ saying as he ‘attempted to disarm him, he (Plavecz) much have accidentally stabbed him (Mr Szalasny).

However, Mr Farmer said this explanation ‘was not something he sustains.’

Mr Farmer went on to explain to the jury what one of the key aspects of the case was.

He said: “The defendant has a condition - ADHD. We anticipate it will be said that this disorder had a substantial impact to excuse self control.

“The prosecution do not dispute he has this condition.

“The area of dispute between psychiatrists is to whether or not that condition had a substantial impact on the ability to exercise self control.

“The prosecution say that the defendant is just going stab after stab - you can picture the scene - the deceased is not standing still - he goes on stabbing him until he collapses.”

Plavecz has pleaded not guilty to murder.

The trial continues.