Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson sees ‘pavement soaked with blood’ in Eastfield Road incident

Stewart Jackson EMN-150804-162046009
Stewart Jackson EMN-150804-162046009
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Peterborough’s MP said he encountered a ‘pavement soaked with blood’ while in Eastfield Road on Monday (September 28).

Stewart Jackson said police were at the scene and had taped off the area with blood on the ground near the Paradise Cafe.

Mr Jackson highlighted the incident during an interview with BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning (Thursday, October 1) when he was discussing a month-long knife amnesty in Peterborough which started today.

He said: “I was at the bottom of Eastfield Road on Monday. The pavement was soaked with blood.”

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said the constabulary had been called about a reported assault on a man in the area between midnight and 1am on Monday morning.

The spokesman added that there was no suggestion that there had been a stabbing.

On the subject of the knife amnesty Mr Jackson said he had supported a successful measure in parliament to bring in a mandatory sentence for carrying a knife.

He added: “The fact is in Peterborough it is culturally acceptable to carry knives amongst a group, particularly of migrant communities. There is no getting away from that.

“I think given that it is a cultural issue to a certain extent, the amnesty is absolutely right, but part of that amnesty too is education.

“We must educate people that it is not acceptable, it is illegal and culturally wrong and morally wrong in your everyday practice to carry a knife.

“Cambridgeshire police also have to make the point that once this amnesty is finished they will take a reasonably robust and tough line on people who continue to carry knives.”