Peterborough motorists warned over dangers of drink driving this Christmas

Cambridgeshire Police has launched its drink and drug drive campaign
Cambridgeshire Police has launched its drink and drug drive campaign
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Drivers are being urged to stay safe on the roads and not get behind the wheel after drinking this Christmas

The December Think! campaign reminding people of this risks of drink and drug driving will be launched tomorrow (December 1).

Around 130 people were arrested in Cambridgeshire for drink driving across the festive period last year.

Although the numbers of people drinking and driving has reduced over recent years the Christmas period sees a spike in offences as more people are tempted to drink or take drugs before getting behind the wheel.

Officers from Cambridgeshire Constabulary will be carrying out stop checks across the county during December to target drink and drug drivers.

Cllr Steve Criswell chairman of the Road Safety Partnership said: “Everyone likes to enjoy themselves at this time of the year however once we sit behind the wheel we take on the huge responsibility of safeguarding other road users, not just ourselves.

“Drink driving has huge and life changing impacts, both for the individuals involved and their friends and families.

“The message from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Road Safety Partnership is don’t take the risk don’t drink and drive.”

Chief Inspector Jane Aspin of the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Road Policing Unit said: “We want to remind motorists that drink driving simply isn’t worth the risk and the consequences might not only ruin your Christmas but the rest of your life.

“To be safe motorists should avoid drinking alcoholic drinks when they are driving and if they do drink, ensure they wait a suitable amount of time before driving.

“Drinking before driving has life changing consequences and we would like to encourage everyone to report anyone they believe is drinking through our confidential hotline. You may just save a life.”

If you know a drink driver call our confidential reporting line on 0800 032 0845

Drivers can download an app at which will help them to calculate how long they need to wait before they are safe to drive.