Peterborough man took knives to dinosaur fair to get revenge

Court news
Court news

A man who took knives to a dinosaur fair to get revenge on a man who he believed had stolen his phone has been given a suspended sentence.

Jason Simons, (44), had bought vodka and sweets from a B&M shop in Bridge Street, Peterborough, before walking to a Jurassic Park dinosaur fair at The Embankment on the afternoon of 9 June.

While playing a game at a stall he spotted a man move his phone from a table he had left it on.

Believing the phone to be stolen, Simons walked back to B&M where he stole a £4.99 packet of knives with the intention of getting revenge.

Shortly after 4.30pm, Simons returned to the dinosaur fair but was refused entry after speaking about his plans to a security guard. Instead he went to the nearby magistrates court where he found a phone box and called 999, saying it was an emergency so officers attended.

Sat on a bench outside the court, Simons put the knives into his backpack and drank vodka and coke until police arrived.

Simons, of Park Farm Crescent, Stanground, Peterborough, was arrested and at Peterborough Crown Court on Thursday, 8 August, was sentenced to 26 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, and given a 30-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

He had pleaded guilty to theft and possession of a weapon in public.

PC Rebecca Wilkinson said: “Whether or not the man at the fair had meant to simply move Simons’s phone or steal it, stealing knives for ‘revenge’ was not a proportionate reaction.

“Carrying knives in public is a serious offence. If you know someone who carries a weapon, please report it to us so we can act and build up intelligence.”