Peterborough man stabbed ex-partner in vicious attack while daughter slept upstairs

Corey Davis
Corey Davis

A man who attacked his ex-partner in the middle of the night while their daughter slept upstairs has been jailed.

Corey Davis (27) arrived intoxicated at his ex-partner’s house in Peterborough in the early hours of September 28, 2018.

He entered the property and accused her of seeing someone else, before stealing her phone so he could go through her messages.

After viewing messages to another man he punched her repeatedly to the face, bit her nose and stabbed her in the thigh with a kitchen knife.

Following the commotion their daughter appeared in the room at which point Davis left, smashing the victim’s phone on the way out.

The attack caused significant swelling and bruising to the victim’s face and arms, as well as a long cut on her thigh.

On Wednesday (July 3) at Peterborough Crown Court he pleaded guilty to assault causing ABH and criminal damage.

Davis, of Holmes Way, Peterborough, was sentenced to 14 months in prison.

DS Tom Power said: “Davis went into his ex-partner’s house – the place she should have felt most secure – and launched a nasty attack. Hopefully this sentence will allow her to feel safe again.

“We urge anyone who is the victim of domestic abuse to contact us”.