Peterborough man snuck into ex-partner’s house and punched her in the face

A man who entered his ex-partner’s house while she was asleep before standing over her bed and punching her in the face has been jailed.

Paul Gibson, of Eastfield Road in Peterborough, launched the attack after drinking on 25 February this year.

Paul Gibson

Paul Gibson

Peterborough Crown Court heard how the 56-year-old entered the house in Peterborough and made his way to the victim’s bedroom at about 2.30am.

The woman had been out with friends that night but throughout the day had been receiving texts from Gibson about items that belonged to him.

The texts between the pair, who had split up two months previously, got more personal throughout the day and resulted in an argument.

She returned home with her friend and both women went to bed in separate rooms.

She began to drift off to sleep but then saw a shadow in her bedroom doorway, the court heard.

At first she thought it was her son but soon realised it was Gibson, who she claimed was trying to put latex gloves on.

The victim began to shout for her friend, who was sleeping in the next room. As she did so, Gibson punched her to the side of her face with such force that he knocked her tooth out.

After realising she was not alone in the house, Gibson fled and the women called the police.

An officer went to Gibson’s house the next day, noticing that his work van was parked poorly on the path and looked like it had been abandoned.

Gibson was arrested and in police interview denied the assault.

He told officers he had been drinking for 10 hours – from 3pm until 1am – and claimed the victim had made the story up.

Gibson said he wouldn’t have been able to walk or drive to his ex-partner’s house because he was too drunk and wouldn’t have taken the risk of driving there.

However, Gibson eventually admitted the offence and pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm (ABH) at Peterborough Crown Court on November 26.

At the same court today (Monday, December 17), he was sentenced to one year in prison.

Detective Constable Richard Ellison said: “Gibson showed his violent nature and let alcohol go to his head.

“He crept into his ex-partner’s house – the place she should have felt most secure – while she was sleeping and launched a nasty attack.

“This no doubt would have been terrifying for her and she must be praised for her bravery in contacting the police.”