Peterborough man sentenced after computer repair firm reported him for having indecent images of children

Court news
Court news

A man who left his laptop containing an indecent image of a child with a computer repair business was in for nasty shock when he went to collect it - the police were waiting for him.

The owner of the business had opened a file marked XXX thinking it might be a virus only to discover an indecent image.

A court heard he immediately called the police and when an officer arrived at the business and examined material on the laptop he was “profoundly upset” by what he saw.

Not long afterwards 60 year old Julian Sprott arrived to collect the laptop and was arrested by a Beds Police Officer officer who was waiting for him.

Today Sprott from Haynes Walk in Peterborough appeared at Luton crown court where he admitted possessing an extreme image, making indecent images of children and possessing a prohibited image of child.

The court was told that found on the lap top and other devices owned by Sprott was some of the very worst child sex abuse image imaginable.

Hundreds of still images and moving video clips featured penetrative sex with small children, bestiality and sadism.

Daniel Kersh prosecuting described what was found as “Very disturbing.”

Sprott was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment which was suspended for two years

He was also told he would be subject to a thirty day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement to work with the probation service.

He was given a sexual harm prevention order which will restrict his use of the internet and mean he will be subject to visits by the police who will check on his internet activity.