Peterborough man jailed after trying to stab police with used needle, screaming ‘I have Aids’

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Alan Harding f-nWoTGYp_WKHLDO0ISv

A Peterborough man has been jailed after he threatened to stab police officers on several occasions as they tried to arrest him for burglary.

Alan Harding, 36, of Figtree Walk, Peterborough, was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison at Lincoln Crown Court on Monday, May 15, for threatening police officers with a sharply pointed article, a burglary in Lincolnshire, theft from a shop and threatening behaviour.

Harding not only threatened staff at the shop where he stole items, but when located by police a few weeks later went on to threaten both officers with an uncapped ‘used’ needle stating he had Aids.

Both officers stood their ground in order to apprehend Harding, chasing him on foot and subsequently disarming him of the uncapped needle.

A police spokesman said: “Harding attempted on several occasions to stab the officers with the used needle, however both officers stood up to the danger and managed to arrest Harding.

“This sentence shows a reflection on what will happen if you commit burglaries and also threaten officers, along with the dangers our officers face each and every day.”