Peterborough man admits smashing computer in Bourne takeaway

Grantham Magistrates' Court
Grantham Magistrates' Court
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A man smashed a new computer ordering system in a pizza takeaway causing damage valued at £750.

Jonathan William Thompson, 31, of St Margaret’s Road, Peterborough, admitted criminal damage to the property in the Top Hot pizza and kebab shop in South Street, Bourne, on August 16.

Prosecuting, Jim Clare told Grantham Magistrates Court that Thompson had walked into the takeaway at 1am and staff knew immediately there was going to be a problem. Thompson had asked for a drink of water in a burger box. He started beckoning the staff to come towards him and then started shouting and swearing.

Mr Clare said Thompson then punched the computer ordering system smashing it on to the floor which stopped it from working. The system had only been installed five days before.

Mr Clare said police later showed Thompson CCTV footage of the incident and he was ‘disgusted’ with himself.

Simon Cobb, defending, said Thompson had been ‘well in drink’ at the time of the incident. He had gone into the shop asking for water and expecting to get a bottle.

Mr Cobb said Thompson had been given a burger box containing water “as if they were giving it to a dog”. He added: “He took exception to it. There is no excuse for it. The first thing he said to me was he wanted to pay compensation for the damage.”

Magistrates ordered Thompson to pay compensation of £750 and fined him £480. He was also ordered to pay a criminal court charge of £150, a victim surcharge of £48 and court costs of £85.