Peterborough letting agent denies sexual activity with girls

Mohammed Khubaib
Mohammed Khubaib
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A Peterborough businessman accused of grooming young girls for sex told a court he is just a ‘normal person’ who never had anything wrong in his mind.

Mohammed Khubaib, (43), who ran Peterborough restaurants Zaika and Asian Fusion, denies organising drinking parties where teenagers were plied with booze.

The Old Bailey heard he was found three times in the space of just one week by police in the company of girls and other older men when alcohol was present.

The letting agent was arrested on Sunday 27 January 2013 when he was found in a bedroom with two 14-year-old girls, his co-defendant Manese Motaung, and a friend.

But ‘happily married’ Khubaib said he had been just about to leave the small terraced house when police came through the door.

‘My friends asked me for a lift, I gave them lift. I’m a normal person,’ the father-of-five told jurors.

‘I don’t have anything myself, anything bad. I don’t think about anything wrong because I’m a normal person.’

It is alleged Khubaib enticed girls to spend time with him with gifts of McDonald’s meals, cash, tobacco and flowers.

Khubaib is said to have driven them to properties around Peterborough where they were plied with drink and used for the sexual pleasure of him and his friends.

Prosecutor Mark Dennis QC asked him: ‘Have you ever arranged a drinking session in a house with any of these nine girls?

‘Have you ever arranged a drinking session with any other girls under 16 or over?’

Khubaib, who does not drink himself, insisted: ‘I never arranged the drinking parties.’

He also denied ever having provided alcohol to the girls to drink in his presence.

Mr Dennis said: ‘Have you ever made any improper suggestion or made any advance on any of these nine girls?’

‘No’ was Khubaib’s simple reply.

The prosecutor continued: ‘Have you ever done any sexual act or encouraged any sexual activity with any of these nine girls?’

‘No,’ the defendant repeated.

Khubaib, of Cambridge Avenue, Peterborough, denies nine counts of trafficking a child for sexual exploitation and one of raping a 14-year-old girl.

Motaung, (32), of Grange Road, Peterborough, denies five counts of trafficking a child for sexual exploitation and one of raping a 16-year-old girl.

The pair have each been acquitted of two trafficking charges on the instruction of Judge Peter Rook QC.

The friend who was found in the bedroom with the pair faces no charges.

The trial continues.