Peterborough letting agent accused of rape told police he paid teenage girls to clean an empty flat

Mohammed Khubaib
Mohammed Khubaib
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A Peterborough letting agent told police he took three teenage girls to an empty property to clean it after he was accused of raping a 14-year-old girl, a court heard.

Mohammed Khubaib, (43), who also owned Peterborough restaurant ‘Zaika’, allegedly plied the girls with alcohol before complaining: ‘He spends all of this money and gets nothing in return.’

He then gave one of the girls £5 for performing a sex act before forcing himself on a 14-year-old girl, the Old Bailey has heard.

When arrested, Khubaib, originally from Pakistan, admitted taking the schoolgirls to a property on 18 August 2007, but claimed they had agreed to clean the premises in exchange for £60.

He told police he thought they were 17 years old before he agreed to buy them vodka and sandwiches, a jury heard.

The prosecution allege Khubaib was well aware of the girl’s age when he got her drunk and raped her.

The jury heard details of the police interview with Khubaib’s answers to the rape allegation read by prosecutor Mark Dennis QC.

Khubaib told the officers: “Well first question is I didn’t force her and she rang me and she asks for some money.

“I know her a couple of years and she told me she’s 17.”

He continued: “She ring me that day and says she needs some money. I say I have no money, but have one house to clean.

“If you clean that house I can give you £60.”

Khubaib told police he took three girls to the property and bought them a bottle of vodka, some coke and a sandwich each.

He claimed he left, but kicked them out later that evening when he found them partying in the house.

He said: “I gave her £10 and left before going home. With drinks, sandwiches, all together I gave them £25.”

He denied there had been any sexual contact with the girls.

Khubaib is accused of enticing vulnerable girls as young as 12 into spending time with him by giving them cash, tobacco and even flowers.

He drove the youngsters to properties around Cambridgeshire where they were plied with booze, jurors heard.

The girls would then be used for the sexual pleasure and satisfaction of himself and any other adult who was with him, the prosecution claim.

Khubaib, of Cambridge Avenue, Peterborough, denies 11 counts of trafficking for sexual exploitation, and one count of rape.

Co-defendant Manase Motaung, (32) of Grange Road, Peterborough, denies seven counts of trafficking a child for sexual exploitation and one charge of rape.

The trial continues.