Peterborough head teacher cleared of allegations

Giles Civil
Giles Civil
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A Peterborough head teacher has been cleared of a string of allegations which included calling a pupil’s mother a “tart”, referring to muslim children as “little mussies”, being aggressive, bullying a pupil and using excessive force on a pupil.

Giles Civil, former head of Welland Primary School, admitted that he had been given a conditional discharge at Grantham Magistrates Court in May 2007 for “using disorderly behaviour or threatening/abusive/insulting words likely to cause harassment alarm or distress” during an incident in 2005.

The National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) panel which heard the case in Coventry found him not guilty of the other allegations levelled against him though.

They found hm guilty of unacceptable professional conduct which could bring the teaching profession into disrepute, as far as his behaviour in respect of the conviction.

But Jayne Millions, NCTL head of teacher misconduct, acting on behalf of Education Secretary, Justine Greening, spared Mr Civil being banned from teaching.

At the end of the NCTL panel’s findings and decision, which run to more than 12,000 words, she said she agreed with a recommendation from the disciplinary panel that it would not be “proportionate or appropriate” to impose a ban.

She continued : “Mr Civil has held a number of responsible and senior roles in schools since his conviction, and the panel has heard evidence that all of those appointing Mr Civil, including governors and representatives of the relevant local authorities, were made aware by Mr Civil of his conviction.

“I note that Mr Civil expressed significant insight as to the seriousness of the incident which led to his conviction and remorse over his behaviour on that day. I agree with the panel that a finding of conduct which may bring the profession into disrepute is a proportionate response in itself, and sufficient to maintain public confidence in the profession and clarity as to the standards expected of teachers.”

Mr Civil was appointed head teacher at Welland School in January 2010. The allegations against him which were dismissed are said to have taken place between then and 2013.

The findings said that as far as the allegation that he called a pupil’s mother a “tart” were concerned he denied saying that, accepted that use of such a word would be “disrespectful” and was “shocked by the allegation” and could not account for it.

The panel said that it did not find the mother’s claim had been proved on the balance of probabilities.

As far as the allegation that he had “displayed racist attitudes and behaviour” on one or more occasions by referring to Muslim children as “little mussies” he again denied saying it and again the panel found that the claim had not been proved.

They made similar findings in respect of all the other allegations that he : lost his temper; raised his voice; was aggressive; used inappropriate physical contact and excessive force; failed to restrain a pupil in an appropriate manner; caused the pupil harm; shouted at a pupil and bullied him; displayed inappropriate and/or bullying behaviour towards staff; and made inappropriate and/or un professional comments to staff, pupils and parents.

The findings say that Mr Civil’s conviction was in respect of an incident at a recreation ground playing field during a heated argument in which he swore at a football coach who he considered was “harassing and threatening” his son.

They say Mr Civil was seeking to protect his child from what he perceived to be threatening behaviour from another adult, that he had shown considerable remorse and insight into his actions and has acknowledged that he should not have behaved in the way he did.