Damage done at the Bee Arena during the break-in.
Damage done at the Bee Arena during the break-in.

Peterborough football club ‘disappointed’ by damage caused after break-in

Officials at Peterborough Sports football club have been left feeling ‘disappointed’ at damage caused to the club’s burger van and hospitality suite after a break-in.

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 6:01 pm

The break-in is thought to have happened some time over the weekend, most likely on Sunday evening (June 20), at the club’s Bee Arena ground on Lincoln Road.

Damage was done to, mostly, the locks and door frames on the buildings by the thieves as they forced their way in.

Fortunately for the club, however, there was little of value inside either of the rooms, except an old broken TV but it is the second such incident in recent months.

The other was a break-in at the new clubhouse that is currently under construction. On that occasion, there wasn’t much of serious value inside either but a few workmen’s tools were taken.

The club will be checking the CCTV from Thistlemoor Medical Practice, that looks out onto the shared car park, and will soon have their own electricity connected to install a system of their own.

The break-ins may not have seen any significant items stolen but they have nevertheless provided setbacks for the club, who have ambitious plans for the site.

Work is nearing completion on a new clubhouse that will provide improved bar, kitchen and toilet facilities for the club.

As well as this, the Colin Day Stand has received new frontage ahead of an LED scoreboard being installed.

The club also has ambitions to create a new TV gantry, changing facilities, medical room and additional grandstand seating to ensure the ground meets the required standards to play at step 2 of non-league football should they achieve promotion.

Vice Chairman Paul Venters said: “The damage was discovered on Monday morning so it would have been over the weekend but we cannot be sure of time, however, we expect it was later on Sunday and we will be checking doctors cctv from the car park.

“It is more the damage and the cost to replace as there was not a lot in there apart from a broken old TV, so best of luck on that one.

“It is the time and of course cost which is the inconvenience for us as we are trying to get the new clubhouse sorted so all money is key and tight to us.

“It is disappointing but of course a sad comment on today’s society. We will never get away from it, we move on as a club as we always do.”

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