Peterborough Chinese takeaway staff chase away knife-wielding robber who demanded cash

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A man who attempted to rob a Chinese takeaway with what is believed to be a cordless drill before being chased away by staff has been jailed.

Daniel Walker (29) went to the takeaway in Copeland, Bretton, at about 8.15pm on January 13 with his face partly covered.

Daniel Walker (left) and CCTV of the attempted robbery

Daniel Walker (left) and CCTV of the attempted robbery

Walker, of Manton, Bretton, approached the counter and produced a carrier bag with what the victim thought was a firearm inside. He pointed it at the member of staff and demanded cash be placed in another bag.

The victim slammed the counter down in an attempt to scare Walker, who backed off and walked out of the shop. When he was followed by the victim Walker produced a knife from his coat and began swinging it towards the man.

The man started shouting for help and was joined by other members of staff who chased Walker away.

Walker, who was identified by officers from CCTV images, admitted attempted robbery, possession of an imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and possession of a knife in public.

On Wednesday (February 20) at Peterborough Crown Court he was sentenced to four years in prison for each of the first two charges, to be served concurrently, with the possession of a knife offence to lie on file.

Detective Constable Ashley Byrne said: “Walker strolled into this business intent on stealing from hard-working members of the community running a local business.

“He thought nothing of the terror his actions may have caused the staff, who initially believed they were being threatened with a firearm. As it turns out he completely underestimated the staff members who were determined not to be intimidated or let him get away with these cowardly actions.

“Officers quickly identified Walker from the CCTV. As a result they were able to make a swift arrest and secure vital evidence from his home.”