Peterborough boys (13) given reward for tackling violent thug

Shaan and proud dad Shahid
Shaan and proud dad Shahid

A young schoolboy who chased a violent robber ‘to make sure he didn’t get away with it’ has been given a cash reward by a judge

Brandon Cliffe launched a horrific attack on the frail 69-year-old woman in Padholme Road in July last year, smashing her over the head with a brick as he tried to steal her tartan shopping trolley.

Brandon Cliffe

Brandon Cliffe

But a pair of passing teeangers - Shaan Ali Mahmood and his friend - saw the thug launch the violent assault - and dashed to the woman’s aid.

With no thought for his own safety Shaan - then aged just 13 - ran after the fleeing Cliffe, who left the woman in a pool of blood. Shaan’s friend stayed at the scene to look after the pensioner and call 999.

The teenager- a black belt in Korean martial art Tang Soo Do - chased Cliffe for 15 minutes, making sure the crook could not hide in undergrowth. He was able to point police to where Cliffe was hiding in bushes, and later both teenagers gave crucial evidence at the trial, bringing the violent thug to justice.

Cliffe, of Pipe Lane, Peterborough was sentenced to nine years in prison on Friday - and Shaan and his friend were each given a £150 reward after being described as ‘courageous’ by a judge.

The court heard Cliffe will die in jail after he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer
St John Fisher School pupil Shaan, now 14, said: “I saw him grab the lady and hit her with a brick. I just started running towards them. He ran and I followed him. I didn’t want him to get away with it. I made sure he couldn’t get away with it. I was pretty sure I’d done the right thing.”

Shaan said his martial arts training had given him the confidence to run after the robber.

Dad Shahid Mahmood (36) from Star Road, said he was proud of his son. He said: “I was confused at first when Shaan told me what he had done. But, when I realised what happened I said ‘well done’. I have always tried to teach him to grow up and always do the right thing.

“Without a doubt he deserves the reward.”

Giving the pair the reward, Judge Matthew Lowe said of the two teenagers: “They were courageous in a way many of us can only aspire to be.”

The Peterborough Telegraph is attempting to contact the other teenager. He cannot be named for legal reasons unless he and his parents give permission.

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