Nuisance neighbour evicted after reports of continual loud music from property

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A nuisance neighbour was evicted from his property after reports of loud music being played there during the day and through the night.

Liam Goldswain (19) from Robins Close in Westwood, was evicted by Cross Keys Homes for his anti-social behaviour.

Mr Goldswain had been a tenant at the property since June 2013.

In June 2014, Cross Keys started to receive reports that there was loud music being played during the day and through the night at the address as well as a strong smell of cannabis.

He was warned regarding the nuisance that he was causing to his neighbours, including a visit from police regarding all of the issues.

However, the nuisance continued despite the warnings and in February 2015 the police conducted a raid at the property and seized various items.

Cross Keys served a notice of seeking possession as a result of the continued anti-social behaviour at the property.

At the first hearing on April 8, 2015, the District Judge made an order for possession of the property and so the property was returned to Cross Keys this month by the court bailiff.

Gemma Wood, service manager (tenancy support), for Cross Keys, said: “This was Mr Goldswain’s first tenancy with us and, following the allegations made, we made every effort to ensure he was aware of the consequences of his actions and offered him support to sustain his tenancy.

“Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the problems persisted, leading to police involvement.

“Possession action is always a last resort but for such a serious case of anti-social behaviour it was in this case the only option available to ensure Mr Goldswain’s neighbours could once again enjoy their homes without being caused a nuisance by his actions.”