New scheme to tackle Peterborough's problem parkers

A new scheme to prevent anti-social and problem parking in Peterborough has been launched by the Neighbourhood Watch.

Tuesday, 2nd August 2016, 6:00 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 6:00 pm
Toni Cray with one of the notices

The new Notice Scheme sees the organisation work with Cambridgeshire police and the Safer Peterborough partnership, and will see a notice left on vehicles to highlight to owners any car deemed to be persistently parked in an inconsiderate, unsafe or anti-social way - such as blocking entrance ways or garages.

The scheme will be trialled for three months by the 304 Neighbourhood Watch groups across the city.

The driver may be spoken to or a request notice left for them on their vehicle requesting them not to park inappropriately,

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Details of the vehicle will be passed to the city council’s prevention and enforcement service, which brings together colleagues from the council, police and fire, which may take further action.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes will as a matter of course report anti-social behaviour, suspicious behaviour and phone or email the Safer Peterborough partnership on a routine basis. The request notice scheme is an extension of this routine reporting by Watch members.

It will do away with having to use a torn off scrap of paper left on a car asking the driver to move due to blocking an access.

Alan Paul chairman of Peterborough Neighbourhood Watch said; “This is a great idea for my members to help educate drivers and keep Peterborough streets safer through awareness and reminders.”

Toni Cray, area coordinator at Cardea said: “Many of my members will find this helpful because cars often block others in or out at Cardea.”

Gary Goose, head of community services for the Safer Peterborough partnership, said: “Inconsiderate or unsafe parking is an issue that annoys many of our residents, especially when it means they can’t access their own driveway or a pavement is blocked and therefore they have to use the road to navigate a pushchair or wheelchair.

“We have a duty to make sure motorists park responsibly in the city and these parking request notices are a polite way of asking drivers to be more considerate in the way they park, without involving penalty charges.

“Our message to residents is to consider how you park your vehicle wherever you are in the city.”