New officers to be on the beat in Peterborough

PC Fran Draper (left) and PC Holly Saul
PC Fran Draper (left) and PC Holly Saul
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New police recruits will soon be on the beat in Peterborough after taking part in a passing out parade.

The 17 officers - who will be posted across Cambridgeshire, including in Peterborough - were congratulated by Chief Constable Simon Parr, along with their families and dignitaries including Police and Crime Commissioner, Graham Bright.

The parade took place at the Learning and Development Training Centre at Monks Wood, near Alconbury, on the last day of the recruits’ 16 weeks of training.

The officers, who have been posted across the county and are now making an immediate contribution to policing the streets of Cambridgeshire, were inspected by Chief Constable Simon Parr and watched by family and friends as they marched.

In a speech, Mr Parr, who retires at the end of July, congratulated the constables. He said: “I am delighted to have seen the next generation of officers as they pass out today. Their enthusiasm, pride and commitment does them great credit. I am also pleased that in Cambridgeshire we can continue to recruit to keep our strength up. Whilst officer numbers is not the only measure of our capability we are determined, despite the financial pressures, to sustain our ability to keep the public safe.”

Former Force Information Officer Fran Draper brings many skills to the force including experience gained in the Criminal Justice Department, looking after warrants and the tape library, and in the Information Management Department, as a System User Manager, as well as voluntary work at protests and ID parades. She is looking forward to patrolling the north of the county in Peterborough.

Commenting on her training PC Draper said: “Looking at all we have learnt during the last 16 weeks there is a lot of variety. I would say being a police officer will be very interesting. We have been told that there will be certain types of jobs that make up the bulk of our work load, but each job will be unique as it will involve different people, no two days will be the same. I am sure there will be good days and bad days, but I think they will all be very interesting.

“I feel very privileged and proud to put on the uniform and call myself a Cambridgeshire police officer.”

Previously a Manufacturing Process Technology Administrator, Holly Saul joined the force because she was looking for the ‘perfect job’, one that would be challenging and active.

PC Saul, who will be based at in Cambridge, explains why she chose to be a police officer: “What won it for me was the diversity of job tasks, with everyday being different. I needed a new challenge, something active, I thrive on adrenaline and I wanted a role which challenges me on a daily basis with a long term career.

“Training has been a great experience, everyday has been something new and challenging. I can say it’s a fantastic place to work with opportunities to develop for those who wish to do so.

“I’m excited to see where my career path leads to within the force as there are so many areas I didn’t even know of before. Specialising in specific units or work to becoming Sergeant, Inspector and so on. I wish I joined years ago.”

Various demonstrations took place on the day including a TASER demonstration, Roads Policing Unit Vehicles demonstration and a display from the Dog Section.

Of the officers taking part, three will be posted to Peterborough, six to Cambridge, three to Huntingdon, two to South Cambs and three to East Cambs.