MURDER TRIAL: Man drained blood from girlfriend and threw her head in River Nene, jury hears

Vytautas Jokubauskas
Vytautas Jokubauskas
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An abusive lover drained the blood of his girlfriend into a bowl and poured it into a sink as he went about dismembering her body, a court has been told.

Vitautas Jokubauskas, 57, killed Ramute Butkiene, 42, at his home in Mayor’s Walk, Peterborough, earlier this year.

Ramute Butkiene

Ramute Butkiene

Southwark Crown Court heard he wrapped her head in a black bin bag and threw it in the River Nene before returning home to continue chopping her up.

The 57-year-old lay her headless corpse on top of a suitcase and set about removing her arms and legs so that her torso could be stuffed into the case.

Over the course of several days from May 27 onwards he drank Grant’s Whisky whilst dismembering her and cutting up her arms and legs at the joints.

He then wrapped the body parts in bin bags and tried to hide them in grass verges in the Thorpe Meadows and Westfield Road areas of Peterborough.

Murder scene at Mayor's Walk EMN-150606-185147009

Murder scene at Mayor's Walk EMN-150606-185147009

The prosecutor said other people living in the house with the Lithuanian couple had noticed Butkiene with black eyes and asked Jokubauskus about them.

He told them he had slapped her to stop her from drinking but remained silent as when challenged as to how one slap could produce two black eyes.

The Crown say this points to a pattern of systematic and escalating violent abuse that resulted in Ms Butkiene being killed.

Pathologist Dr Nathaniel Carey told the court that a cause of death could not be established due to the head not being found and therefore could not say that she was strangled.

He said: “I can not say strangulation in the positive, I am unable to say one way or the other as there is no examination that would indicate a cause of death.

“It is fair to say she is likely to have suffered from alcoholic liver disease but it did not cause her death.”

The court heard that the couple were known for their heavy drinking in the shared house they occupied.

Jokubauskus was even seen street drinking with other men in a Co-op car park in what is likely to be the days after he killed and dismembered his girlfriend.

It is believed Ms Butkiene, who has a 16-year-old daughter, died between May 28 and June 6 this year.

Jokubauskas, (40) of Mayor’s Walk, Peterborough, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and preventing a burial of a corpse but denies murder.

The trial continues...

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