MURDER TRIAL: Man admits he ‘lost control’ over partner’s ‘infidelity’ but says he didn’t mean to kill his girlfriend at their Peterborough home

The scene at Mayor's Walk EMN-150606-185147009
The scene at Mayor's Walk EMN-150606-185147009
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A meat factory worker who killed his girlfriend and used his butchery skills to dismember her body said today (Wednesday) he just wanted to ‘frighten’ her.

Vitautas Jokubauskas, 57, allegedly strangled Ramute Butkiene, 42, with the cord of her dressing gown after accusing her of seeing her ex-boyfriend.

Vytautas Jokubauskas

Vytautas Jokubauskas

The Lithuanian said he doubled the cord up to make it thicker and cause her less pain but insisted he only wanted to give her a scare.

Once he realised he had killed her he said he had planned to commit suicide but couldn’t explain why he hadn’t done so.

Before the killing they had spent the day drinking wine at their home on Mayor’s Walk, Peterborough, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Later in the evening he said he went to buy an Indian takeaway for the two of them and bought a bottle of vodka.

Ramute Butkiene

Ramute Butkiene

At one point Ms Butkiene’s ex-boyfriend dropped off some post, including a new pin and bank card for the victim.

A few hours later, Jokubauskas withdrew £200 from her account.

Jokubauskas told the court: “Normally we don’t have any arguments, we were talking and planning how to find a new place to live, because we had to leave this one.”

He said the two of them started arguing because she was mixing alcohol with her anti-depressants, making her act ‘strange’.

The scene at Mayor's Walk EMN-150606-185332009

The scene at Mayor's Walk EMN-150606-185332009

“We were watching films, she got up from bed, she had only the gown on her and she was bare footed and I asked her where are you going? And she said ‘I’m going to the toilet’.

“A few seconds later there was a knock on the door, it was my neighbour saying my girlfriend is out on the street – I understood something was wrong because she was not dressed.

“I went outside to see what was happening and I saw her walking towards her ex-boyfriend’s house. I ran towards her, turned her around and we came back together.

“I asked her ‘Why are you going out? ‘What are you thinking?’ and her face was strange, she looked as if she was scared, she looked as if she was drunk.”

He continued: “We had a drink and she took some medication so she was mixing it and she can’t control herself as a result of that – the medication is something to do with her depression and I think she started seeing things.

“She doesn’t control herself and just walks anywhere. I thought she was going toilet and she ran outside,” he said.

“I asked her why she ran out, she said she has to choose between her [ex-boyfriend] and me. I asked her ‘What happened? You used to say you were going to be with me and now all of a sudden you’re saying you have to choose’.”

Jokubauskas said the two of them then carried on drinking for a few hours and watched a film.

“I was overwhelmed by anger, I was very anxious and nervous. While we were watching the film I somehow looked at her telephone and I realise she made a call to her ex-boyfriend recently.

“Then I became very confused, then everything started, then I climbed on her. I’m a jealous person and infidelity upsets me and I couldn’t cope with it any longer. I couldn’t control it.’

He continued: “The belt appeared very handy very close to my hand – I wrapped it three times so it was a bit wider, I put it on her neck.

“I wanted to frighten her and I pressed down on to her neck for about five seconds, maybe longer, then I released it.

“I kept asking her, ‘Are you going to stop ringing Adam?’ and she replied ‘I’m going to throw out the cell phone, I’m not going to ring him any more’.

“Then sometime later we got into an argument again, it was about her going to her ex-boyfriend’s and I wrapped this [belt] again a couple of times, I think I pressed it.

“She said she’s not going to go and see him ever again, then I stopped doing it, then I started to watch TV.

“Some time later I asked her something and she didn’t reply to me. I looked her and I realised she’s not breathing.”

Jokubauskas, of (40) Mayor’s Walk, Peterborough, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and preventing lawful burial but denies murder.

The trial continues.


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