Murder of tot was ‘unpreventable

Two-year-old Amina Agboola. Photo supplied
Two-year-old Amina Agboola. Photo supplied
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A report into the murder of Yaxley two-year-old Agmina Agboola has concluded her death could not have been predicted or prevented.

Agmina was killed by 19-year-old Dean Harris - the boyfriend of Amina’s mother in November 2013 when he kicked the toddler six feet across a room in the house they lived in at Scott Drive, Yaxley.

The attack caused Amina’s liver to split in two - but Harris claimed she had just fallen off the toilet.

Harris, who was aged 19 when he was jailed, was given a life sentence, to serve a minimum of 17 years in prison following a trial at Cambridge Crown Court last year where he was convicted of murder.

A serious case review by Cambridgeshire Safeguarding Children Board, published on Thursday said there was “no evidence” her death could have been “predicted or prevented”.

The report said: “There is no evidence that the death of H could have been predicted and that the professionals who came into contact with her and her family could not have anticipated, and therefore prevented, the tragic outcome.

The report said Harris had been found guilty of burglary and theft in 2008 and 2009, a charge of destroying /damaging property in 2009, and of possessing an offensive weapon (a knife) in a public place in 2011, but his criminal record was no indication of the attack he would carry out on Amina.

The report said: “There was nothing in Mother’s Boyfriend’s (Harris) antecedents or known behaviours that indicated that he would perpetrate the level of violence that killed H (Amina).

“He had had a troubled childhood and adolescence but it was not exceptional. Many other young people have similar backgrounds but do not commit such violent acts.”