'Mindless vandalism' spate at Ferry Meadows in Christmas Eve attack

A damaged bench at Ferry Meadows. Photo: Matthew Bradbury
A damaged bench at Ferry Meadows. Photo: Matthew Bradbury
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A spate of "mindless vandalism" hit Ferry Meadows in Peterborough on Christmas Eve.

Photos show benches and saplings were destroyed in the attack.

Nene Park Trust which manages the country park tweeted: "Ferry Meadows has been subject to further vandalism. Please bear with us as we assess the damage over the next few days. Given the time of year repairs will happen early in the new year. We hope to see lots of you over the next few days enjoying some lovely seasonal walks."

Nene Park Trust chief executive Matthew Bradbury tweeted: "So sad to see a return to mindless vandalism in the Park this morning @neneparktrust. Help us to find the culprits before they do more damage.

"So sad to see vandalism in the Park this morning. Why would anyone want to destroy our wonderful park - especially on Christmas Eve . Help us to catch them @peterboroughtel and everyone who loves Nene Park."

This is not the first time Ferry Meadows has been attacked by vandals, with previous anti-social behaviour including racist graffiti.

Earlier this year the trust offered a £200 reward for any information which would lead to a successful conviction.


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