Masked robber jailed for ‘wicked’ crime

Matthew Wilsdon
Matthew Wilsdon
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A career criminal who broke into a vulnerable man’s home and threatened him with a hammer has been jailed for seven and a half years.

Matthew Wilsdon (38) of Orchard Street, Peterborough, and an unknown accomplice kicked the door in of the housebound 64-year-old man’s Peterborough home in May.

The two men, both armed with claw hammers and wearing masks, ripped a bracelet from the man’s wrist, and took a ring and phones from the house and ransacking the property. The victim begged for his life as the robbers searched his home asking where the safe was.

Wilsdon appeared at Peterborough Crown Court on Monday, where Judge Tina Landale jailed him for seven and a half years.

She said: “This was a wicked offence. The victim is a vulnerable man in poor health. He is housebound.”

Craig McDougall, prosecuting, said: “When the two men brandished a hammer, the victim was in fear of his life. He said ‘please don’t kill me, I’m going to die anyway.”

The defendant was arrested after forensic evidence was found at the scene.

“He has a significant criminal history, with his first conviction in 1994.”

Mr McDougal said Wilsdon had been convicted of a number of offences of burglary over the past 20 years, as well as violent offences.

Nenad Spasojevic, defending, said: “He is a married family man -.

“His 12 year old son has ADHD, and the defendant has played a crucial part in managing the condition.

“TThere is a significant gap in his offending between 2010 and 2015 - this marks the period of time he has been married.”

Mr Spasojevic said Wilsdon was ‘gullible,’ and could easily be led by people more sophisticated than himself.

Judge Landale added: “You have a long career in crime - you have a long history of burglary and violence.

“But significantly no serious injury was caused to the victim. You are a family man and play a significant role in your children’s lives. Your loss in the family will be keenly felt by the children who need you.”

Wilsdon pleaded guilty to one count of robbery at a previous hearing. He was also ordered to pay £120 victim surcharge and a £900 courts charge.