Man jailed for stripping stolen BMW sports cars at Peterborough garage

Gintas Klymantas
Gintas Klymantas
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A man who was found dismantling high-value stolen cars in Peterborough has been jailed.

Gintas Klymantas (31) was caught red-handed by police as he stripped down two stolen BMW cars at his garage in St Pauls Road, New England, on March 13.

The stolen cars

The stolen cars

Police were alerted by a tracking device on one of the vehicles.

When they entered the garage they found Klymantas deconstructing the vehicles, both of which were BMW sports cars, and had been stolen overnight via keyless entry in Huntingdon and Middlesex. Both vehicles were in the process of being dismantled with the parts placed in boxes.

After arresting him, police also discovered Klymantas had been wanted for seven months for an offence of forging documents in order to obtain a British driving licence.

When interviewed Klymantas said he was simply asked to dismantle the vehicles and he had no idea they were stolen. He also denied forging documents and claimed he had paid someone to help him prepare the documents and did not realise they were forged.

However, he later stood trial and was found guilty of handling stolen goods and possession of an identity document with improper intention. He was sentenced to three years and three months in prison at Peterborough Crown Court today (Friday, August 23).

PC Craig Trevor, who investigated, said: “Keyless car thefts have been on the rise over the past few years and, historically, they are carried out by organised crime groups who dismantle the entire vehicles, normally within hours of their theft.

“Owners of keyless entry/start vehicles can best protect them by keeping their key fobs away from their front doors, in foil-lined pouches, and with low-tech equipment such as pedal boxes that block thieves from the accelerator and brake.

“I’m glad justice has been done in this instance and hope it serves as a lesson to anyone else involved in such crimes – we will catch up with you.”