Man harassed ex-partner and threatened to burn down her house despite restraining order

David Stewart
David Stewart

A man embarked on a campaign of harassment against his ex-girlfriend in which he threatened to burn her house down with her inside.

David Stewart (35) continually contacted his ex-partner for more than two years after they separated in 2017, despite being given a non-molestation order.

Stewart repeatedly breached the court order and was eventually given a restraining order in March this year. However, as he left the courtroom he texted the victim saying ‘thanks’, immediately breaching the new order.

Stewart continued to ignore the terms of the restraining order, adding the victim on Facebook just two days later and waiting for her outside her son’s school.

The following week the victim was asleep at home with her two young children when she awoke to the sound of Stewart attempting to force his way in.

He shouted abuse through her letterbox before clambering over her garden fence. The following morning she left her house to find her children’s paddling pool slashed and her car vandalised.

Later that day she was bombarded with calls from a withheld number. She eventually answered and recognised Stewart’s voice as he shouted abuse. Over the next two days she ignored several phone calls and text messages from Stewart. When she eventually answered, she recorded him saying he would burn her house with her in it that evening.

Stewart, of Springfield, Huntingdon, admitted two charges of breach of a restraining order and breaching a non-molestation order.

He was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment on Friday (July 5) at Peterborough Crown Court.

PC Helen Greenham said: “This victim feared for her life and the safety of her family as Stewart continued to harass her.

“I hope this sentence will bring an end to the victim’s lengthy ordeal and Stewart will re-think his actions”.