Man guilty of brutal assault

A man who brutally attacked a woman in her own home - before claiming she assaulted him - is facing jail.

Thursday, 27th September 2018, 6:00 am
Court news

Jonathan Youthed (31) of Hungerton Court, Welland, smashed the victim’s head against a table and an aquarium in March this year.

He only stopped the attack after another person in the Peterborough house stamped on his head, knocking him out cold. Neighbours, who had heard the woman screaming, called police - and when the victim came outside, neighbours said she ‘looked like something out of a horror film.’

On Friday, Youthed was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm and making threats to kill. He was found not guilty of attempted murder. He had denied all charges, saying he was acting in self defence after she attacked him, but a jury of nine men and three women convicted him after trial. Youthed will be sentenced in October.

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Peterborough Crown Court was told Youthed had gone to the victim’s house on March 25 this year.

Carolyn Gardiner, prosecuting, said: “He knocked on the door, and when the victim answered the door he had blood on his hands, and was drunk. She told him to leave, but he didn’t, and came to sit down. He said he had beaten someone up.”

The victim continued to ask Youthed to leave - but he refused, saying ‘make me.’ He then said ‘I’m a man’, with the victim replying ‘you are a pathetic excuse of a man.’

Youthed then started the attack, shouting ‘I’m going to kill you,’ grabbing her hair, and punching her around 30 times in the head, along with hitting her head on the table.

The woman suffered cuts and bruises to her head and body in the brutal assault.

When police came, he was arrested - and police later found some of the victim’s hair in the police van. Youthed said he had no idea how the hair got there, as he had not grabbed her hair. He also said he had not beaten anyone up on his journey to the house, but his hands had blood on them as he had cut his thumb fixing his bike.