Man fined for spitting at ambulance technician

Peterborough Magistrates' Court
Peterborough Magistrates' Court
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A man has been fined after spitting at an ambulance technician.

Student Emergency Medical Technician Craig Gardner made a formal complaint against Algirdas Jasinevicius after being called out on October 11 in Peterborough to a patient who was lying in the street and was intoxicated.

Craig said: “As he couldn’t stand unaided we attempted to put the patient onto the ambulance stretcher trolley. It was at this point that he became very aggressive, both verbally and physically.

“He attempted to punch me but I managed to avoid this, he then spat at me which got my right shoulder and arm. When we pushed the trolley into the ambulance he again became very aggressive and attempted to get off from the trolley.

“He again attempted to punch those around him and his arms were flailing around. At this point due to his continual abuse and violence toward me I pushed the emergency button on my radio and asked for urgent police attendance.”

“On police arrival he calmed down and let me take his observations, but as soon as the police officer turned his back the patient again became aggressive and started to remove the observation equipment. The patient then for the second time spat at me and again this got my arms.”

At a hearing at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on November 24, Jasinevicius pleaded guilty to common assault where he was ordered to pay £475 in fines and costs, including £100 compensation to his victim.

Craig added: “Unfortunately, we face this type of abuse quite regularly. This is not acceptable behaviour towards ambulance staff who are there trying to help people and we need to stay safe in doing so. With the Christmas season upon us we will attend many incidents involving alcohol and I hope my dedicated colleagues stay safe out there whilst trying to help those people who genuinely need us.”