Man charged with carrying out two Peterborough city centre bank raids in five minutes

TSB in Long Causeway
TSB in Long Causeway

A man has been charged after a robbery and an attempted robbery at a bank and a building society in Peterborough city centre.

The incidents happened at the Long Causeway branches of TSB and Nationwide - which are just a few yards apart - within five minutes of each other on Friday afternoon.

Nationwide in Long Causeway

Nationwide in Long Causeway

In the incidents, the robber suggested he had a weapon, but police said there was no sighting of a weapon.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: “We were called at 4.45pm and 4.49pm on Friday (April 21) to reports of an attempted robbery and a robbery at two banks in Peterborough.

“The incidents happened at branches of Nationwide and TSB in Long Causeway.

“The following day Derek Lundgren, 52, of Anns Road in Cambridge was charged with robbery and attempted robbery.”

Lundgren was charged with attempted robbery in relation to the incident at Nationwide, which happened first, and robbery in relation to the incident at TSB.

A spokesperson for TSB said: “We can confirm that there was an incident at our Peterborough branch on Friday, April 21 where one person entered the branch and demanded cash. Fortunately no-one was harmed. The police were alerted, they arrived at the branch and they are now investigating the incident.

“We thank our Partners for their professionalism and the branch is open as usual today. We also thank the police for all their help and will be working closely with them as the investigation continues.”

A spokesman for Nationwide said: “We are aware of the incident on Friday, April 21 although are not able to comment. We will liaise with the Police on their investigation. The branch was open as usual on Saturday, April 22.”