Legal action to be taken against travellers at Peterborough garden centre

Travellers at Dobbies
Travellers at Dobbies
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A Peterborough garden centre is taking legal action to move travellers on who have set up camp in the car park.

The travellers moved onto the car park at Dobies Garden Centre in Hampton on Wednesday.

Today, Nicholas Marshall, CEO, Dobbies Garden Centres said: “We will make representation at County Court today (Friday) to apply for a possession of property order, under common trespass laws.

“We will upgrade that application to the High Court, which if we are successful will allow us to appoint our own bailiffs. It is a great pity that it has to get to this stage, and that the police have been powerless to help rectify the situation on our behalf.

“We want to apologise to our customers and reassure that our staff are doing their utmost to ensure our customers continue to have an enjoyable shopping experience at our Peterborough garden centre.”