Kebab shop licence review after immigration officers’ raid

Madina kebab house at Gladstone street EMN-150605-145246009
Madina kebab house at Gladstone street EMN-150605-145246009
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A kebab shop threatened with licence restrictions over allegations it employed illegal immigrants could go out of business as a result, it has been claimed.

Cambridgeshire police have requested a licence review of the Madina Kebab House in Gladstone Street, Peterborough after a search of the premises in March found four people working in the kitchen.

The warrant was issued four months after immigration officers had been forced to abandon an inspection when it was believed seven illegal workers were on site.

But a spokesman for the takeaway said they had never employed illegal workers.

The spokesman said: “We have never employed anyone who is not entitled to work here.

“The people found in the kitchen were not employed by us, but were carrying out training.

“After they had completed their training we would have seen their paperwork, which would have said they were not entitled to work here, and we would not have employed them.

“Two of the people also gave us false names.”

The takeaway currently opens until 1am every night, but as part of the application by the police, the kebab shop would have to close at 11pm.

The spokesman said: “This is a small family business, and this would make us bankrupt.

“There has never been any trouble here, and it is a community take away,

“We do not have crime or disorder here.

“There is concern in the community around crime and disorder in the area in general, and I think we are being made a scape goat.”

In the report to Peterborough City Council, Cambdridgeshire police said: “Illegal working has harmful social and economic effects within the UK, it undercuts British businesses and their workers that stay within the law and exploits migrant workers. As long as there are opportunities for illegal working, the UK will remain an attractive place for illegal immigrants.”

The report said on March 13 this year a team from immigration enforcement and Cambridgeshire police executed a warrant at the premises, and found five people working in the kitchen. Its said four were confirmed as illegal immigrants or overstayers and arrested.

The report also said in December 2014 immigration officers had to abandon an inspection at the same premises on the advice of police ‘due to escalating tension and threats of violence during the visit.’

The report said information at the time had identified up to seven illegal workers at the site.

Representations about the review can be made to Peterborough City Council.