Judge says teenage woman 'did not mean to kill' the man she stabbed to death - as she is handed life sentence for murder

Martyna Ogonowska
Martyna Ogonowska
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The teenager who stabbed Filip Jaskiewicz to death in a Peterborough street 'did not mean to kill him' a judge said as he jailed her for 17 years.

Martyna Ogonowska (18) of Victoria Place, Peterborough, delivered one fatal stab wound to Filip Jaskiewicz's heart following an argument in Oakdale Avenue following a night out in Peterborough on October 21 last year.

Filip Jaskiewicz

Filip Jaskiewicz

The pair had only met a few days before - with 22-year-old Filip hoping to form a relationship with Ogonowska.

But Ogonowska delivered the fatal blow after the pair argued in the street about Filip's driving. She then fled the scene.

Today Ogonowska was given a life sentence - to serve a minimum of 17 years behind bars before being considered for release - after a jury found her guilty of murder and possession of a knife.

Wearing a grey hoodie and ripped jeans, she showed no emotion as Judge David Farrell QC passed sentence at Cambridge Crown Court following a three week trial.

The murder weapon

The murder weapon

Judge Farrell said she had 'stabbed in him anger' - but she had only meant to cause 'really serious bodily harm' - and not to kill him.

He said: "You wanted his attention and you produced the knife you brought to the scene. And you, in anger, stabbed him to the chest intending to cause really serious harm. As a result of the single stab wound he died very shortly after - a matter of minutes after. You though got out of the car and fled the scene together with your friends. Nothing was done to help him."

He said because she had only delivered one stab wound, he was sure she had not meant to kill him.

After the stabbing Ogonowska went to an ex-boyfriend's house - but later handed herself into police - which Judge Farrell said 'was to her credit' - but then told an 'untruthful story' to detectives, where she claimed she had been acting in self defence.

The crime scene at Oakdale Avenue

The crime scene at Oakdale Avenue

But Judge Farrell said the jury were right to reject that defence.

The court was told the starting point for the sentence was a minimum of 25 years.

Judge Farrell said there were a number of mitigating factors in the case - including Ogonowska's young age, her previous good character, and her low intellectual capacity and emotional immaturity. He also said Filip had assaulted her in the moments before the fatal stabbing.

Judge Farrell said her upbringing - moving from Poland at a young age, being bullied at school and post natal depression following the birth of her young child - had an impact on her mental state.

CCTV photo of Ogonowska outside The Solstice

CCTV photo of Ogonowska outside The Solstice

But he said: "The carrying of knives and the use of knives is something which causes the public significant concern, and those who carry and use knives should expect to receive significant sentences.

"Had you not been carrying a knife you would not be where you are now, and Filip would still be alive."

DCI Adam Gallop, who led the investigation, said: “This is a tragic case which once again shows the potentially lethal consequences of carrying a knife. Ogonowska had taken the kitchen knife out with her and then into the car where it was eventually used.

“Once she had stabbed Filip she ran and made no attempt to alert emergency services, so leaving him to die.

“Filip’s family are devastated by his death but I hope the fact that justice has today been done may help them in some way to live with their loss and grief.”

The court had heard that on Saturday, 20 October, they had met at Ogonowska’s home in Peterborough and later that night had gone to the Solstice bar with two friends of the defendant as well as her mother.

Leaving the Solstice in the early hours, Ogonowska’s mother having by then gone home, the four walked to Mr Jaskiewicz’s car. They got in and Mr Jaskiewicz began to drive. All of those in the car had been drinking and the victim was speeding.

Mr Jaskiewicz parked the car in Oakdale Avenue and he and Ogonowska got out and argued. He pushed her and she fell over.

Seeing this, her two friends got out of the car and things calmed down. Ogonowska told the victim she wanted no more to do with him but got back into the car. Mr Jaskiewicz got back into the driver’s seat and Ogonowska’s friends got into the back seats.

Shortly afterwards, Ogonowska stabbed the victim with the kitchen knife. The court heard Ogonowska knew “precisely what she had done, she left Mr Jaskiewicz to die alone.”

In police interview, she claimed it had been an accident and had punched him in self-defence but forgotten about the knife she was holding. However, she admitted she could have got out of the car and walked away before the fateful moment.