Jailed Peterborough drug dealer spent thousands on lavish lifestyle - including 25 electric toothbrushes

A Peterborough drug dealer who used his profits to fund a ‘lavish lifestyle’ has been jailed.

Abrahim Farooq, (25), was found with drugs worth more than £21,000 when officers raided his home in Redmile Walk, Welland, in February this year.

News from the courts. ANL-180730-164550001

News from the courts. ANL-180730-164550001

Officers questioned Farooq as to how he had paid for a number of items in his house and when he couldn’t answer, the goods were seized.

Two cars, an Audi A3 and a Mercedes C200, were seized but later returned.

Officers also confiscated 65 bottles of spirits, 25 electric toothbrushes, several cameras and mobile phones.

When asked to explain how he came to own the goods, he said he ‘often shopped at a market’.

On Friday (7 December) at Peterborough Crown Court, Farooq pleaded guilty to supplying cocaine and cannabis and possession of cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply. He was sentenced to serve five years and three months behind bars.

DC Steph Parker said: “Farooq lived a lavish lifestyle as a result of the profits of his drug dealing.

“Drug dealing is not only illegal in itself but also drives a range of other crimes related to misuse, such as burglary and theft, and is taken extremely serious by police and the courts.”