Jail for Peterborough stalker who ‘bombarded his ex’ with calls and texts

A Peterborough man who bombarded his ex with calls and texts, and stalked for for seven weeks, has been jailed.

Thursday, 22nd July 2021, 2:38 pm

Matthew Masters, 32, of no fixed address, had a relationship with the woman for eight years before it turned sour.

On 10 March, the woman was woken at about 5am by loud banging on the front door of her home in Bretton, Peterborough.

She reported this to police online almost an hour later, at 5.51am, as the knocking failed to stop.

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Court News

The woman finally managed to get back to sleep at about 9am, but when she got up she noticed her bin had been moved outside her house and her outside cupboard door handle had also been tampered with.

She checked inside the cupboard and found Masters sleeping. This scared her so she returned to her bedroom and Masters later left after a maintenance company arrived.

However, he went back to the house a short while later and when the woman asked him to move his bike, which was locked nearby, he threw a bike lock at her but missed.

The woman left to go to a shop, but when she returned Masters was still there. She asked him to leave which he did.

Masters returned to her house once again at just before 4pm and was seen loitering around the woman’s car.

He tore up bits of paper which he threw all over the woman’s garden before leaving.

On 12 April, Masters visited the woman’s house and made threats through the letterbox which included telling her to “watch her car”.

He stalked the woman between 9 March and 30 April - bombarding her with calls and text messages.

Masters pleaded guilty to one count of stalking and breaching a suspended sentence at Peterborough Crown Court on Monday (19 July) and was sentenced to 37 weeks in prison.

PC Sonny Pepper, who investigated, said: “The victim was left feeling like a prisoner in her own home, which was completely unacceptable.

“Masters refused to accept the relationship was over and persistently stalked and harassed her. Stalking can be a terrifying experience and leave victims feeling isolated and frightened.

“This case highlights that stalking isn’t a one-off crime and often includes a series of incidents which, when taken in isolation may seem trivial, but when put together can be very scary.

“We would encourage anyone who fears they may be being stalked or harassed to get in touch. We’re here for victims 24/7 and will support them, as well as do all we can to bring offenders to justice.”

More information and advice on stalking and harassment can be found on the force’s dedicated web page: https://bit.ly/3zlJsYk