Jail for man who attacked soldier with glass at Mama Liz’s in Stamford

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A stonemason who smashed a glass into the face of a soldier at a Stamford bar has been jailed for a year.

Jack Wright attacked his victim, a Royal Engineer who was on a course in the area, in the beer garden of Mama Liz’s on November 7, 2014.

Lincoln Crown Court heard today (Wednesday) that Wright, 26, of Warrenne Keep, Stamford, had earlier been abusive to the soldier.

John Hallissey, prosecuting, said the soldier was talking with two people from Newcastle when Wright approached and said: “all Northerners are thick”.

An argument developed, during which Wright was pushed by another man. He reacted by attacking the soldier.

Mr Hallissey told the court: “There came a point where the victim found himself between the defendant and one of the Geordies. The next thing he remembers is being glassed to the side of his face. The door staff intervened and the incident came to an end.

“The victim was taken to hospital covered in shards of glass. He had a 1.5cm cut to his left ear along with multiple small cuts to his left ear, scalp and left arm some of which had small shards of glass in which had to be removed before he was cleaned and treated.”

Wright admitted a charge of unlawful wounding as a result of the attack. Neil Sands, defending, said Wright had no previous convictions and admitted the charge at the first available opportunity.

Mr Sands said: “He acted completely out of character. Since this there have been no further displays of this sort of behaviour. This stands alone in his life as a unique incident and he assures the court it is one that will never be repeated. He is truly regretful and remorseful.”

Mr Sands said Wright should be given a suspended jail sentence rather than go to custody immediately.

But Judge Michael Heath rejected the submission and told Wright: “This is an offence that is so serious that the only sentence I can justify for it is a prison sentence.

“I cannot suspend a sentence where a man uses a weapon in the way you did in that public house.”