Imported dogs warning

Peterborough Town Hall
Peterborough Town Hall

Trading Standards officers have seen a rise in the number of illegally imported dogs locally in the last six months.

Since the start of the year they have had a threefold rise in calls from the public about this issue. Now, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Trading Standards is warning about the dangers of buying or adopting an imported dog.

In recent months a number of dogs have been placed into quarantine that were imported by organisations claiming to be ‘rescue charities or rescue groups’. Although the dogs were accompanied by official pet passports issued by a veterinary surgeon, the information contained within them appeared to be fraudulent resulting in the quarantine of the animal. There have been particular problems with dogs originating from Romania.

Peter Gell, head of regulatory services at Peterborough City Council, said: “The practice of illegally importing animals not only increases the risk of spreading disease to the UK, but it also raises serious welfare concerns for the animals, and in many instances results in additional (quarantine) costs for the unsuspecting purchaser.”