Illegal imported puppies ‘from Hungary’ found in Peterborough

Puppies found in a house
Puppies found in a house
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Puppies believed to have been illegally imported fom Eastern Europe are in quarantine after being discovered in Bretton, Peterborough.

Trading standards officers found four puppies on Monday at a house in Eyrescroft after an anonymous tip-off.

The puppies were two English bulldogs, one French bulldog and a pug puppy and are believed to have come from Hungary.

A woman is now the subject of a criminal investigation by trading standards.

The discovery of the four puppies was made after contacting a website which was advertising them for sale. A text which came back from the owner of the website matched the number given to trading standards from their tip-off.

Due to the lack of paperwork, the puppies have been put into quarantine to test for rabies.

This is the fourth incident in Peterborough this month trading standards are aware of.

Peter Stonely, principal trading standards officer at Peterborough City Council, said the puppies were “cute designer dogs” who were being sold cheaply here.

He added: “Puppies found to be illegal imports will have to be placed into quarantine at the new owners expense. This is typically in the region of £800.”

The English bulldogs were being advertised for £1,350 and £1,250 while the others were on sale for £750.

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Trading standards can be called on 03454 040506.