Hundreds of motorists stopped in Cambridgeshire road safety campaign

Special Constable Chris Pepper and Special Sergeant Alison Bett.
Special Constable Chris Pepper and Special Sergeant Alison Bett.
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Hundreds of motorists have been stopped by police as part of a road safety campaign in Cambridgeshire.

During the winter months motorists are being reminded of the consequences of driving while over the legal alcohol limit.

Last weekend (Friday, December 11 and Saturday, December 12) saw spot checks being carried out with almost 700 cars stopped over the two days.

Motorists were stopped and asked when they had last had an alcoholic drink. Where legal grounds were present, motorists were then required to provide a roadside breath sample.

On the Saturday, 400 spot checks were carried out in Fenland, resulting in 15 breath tests being conducted and two people arrested for testing positive for drug use.

On Friday, 280 spot checks were carried out in Elizabeth Way and Victoria Avenue in the city centre of Cambridge. 70 breath tests were carried out with the highest reading being 31. The legal limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

This year, for the first time, a roadside screening drug wipe test is available to test for cannabis and cocaine. Where there are grounds for suspecting that a driver’s ability is impaired by misuse of controlled drugs, drivers will be required to provide a roadside sample and arrested if it is positive.

The Special Constabulary were out in force supporting the campaign with 11 Specials working in Cambridge and two in Fenland.

Special Constables are unpaid volunteers who receive full training to enable them to carry out many of the functions of a warranted police officer to support their communities.

Vic Kerlin, Head of Cambridgeshire Special Constabulary, said: “The training and opportunities the Special Constabulary receive has come a long way and this is evident by the Specials being involved in force operations like the spot checks.”

If you know someone who drink drives, or suspect someone is about to, you can report via our confidential hotline by calling 0800 032 0845.