House and car in Peterborough damaged after collision

Crabtree resident Barry Holland next to a damaged car and house
Crabtree resident Barry Holland next to a damaged car and house
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A house and a car suffered damage after a collision in Crabtree, Paston.

The incident is believed to have happened either late on Sunday (January 29) or in the early hours of Monday, but it was not seen or heard.

One of the residents whose property was damaged was Barry Holland who has criticised the police response.

He said: “It was reported to the police but they say they won’t do anything because no one was hurt.”

Mr Holland (69) said other anti-social behaviour was also left to go on unchallenged with police “not doing anything.”

He added: “I don’t see anyone down here. I think we are a forgotten place.”

A police spokesman said: “There were no investigating opportunities at the scene and, as it was damage only, an officer did not attend the scene.

“Where a collision is damage only it is common that an officer will not attend, but the people involved can make an appointment to go to a police station.

“We take all reports of crime and disorder seriously and all reports are assessed for their severity and the potential vulnerability of victims. This allows us to prioritise calls and direct resources to those incidents graded most serious.

“We would encourage residents to report all incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour so police resources can be deployed where needed most.”