HMP Peterborough tutor jailed after trying to smuggle phones into prison

HMP Peterborough where Blaize Jones-White worked
HMP Peterborough where Blaize Jones-White worked

A tutor who worked at HMP Peterborough has been jailed after trying to smuggle in mobile phones to the jail.

Blaize Jones-White, of Rutland, was locked up for eight months at Peterborough Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday) after admitting trying to bring three phones into the jail for inmates in May.

The court heard how single mum Jones-White (26) was working in the education department at the privately run prison when she saw routine random searches were taking place as she entered the jail for work.

David Matthew, prosecuting, told the court Jones-White ran int the lavatories, and originally declined to come out.

He said: "When she was searched, nothing was found - but an hour later three phones and chargers were found in a disposal bin."

Mr Matthew said Jones-White said she had been persuaded to bring the phones in to the prison by two inmates,

The court was told Jones-White had a job offer at a nursery if she was not sentenced to immediate imprisonment, and had no previous convictions.

However, Judge Sean Enright said only an immediate prison term was appropriate.

He spent the lunch hour considering what sentence to pass.

Sentencing, he said: "The prison service has great difficulty keeping out contraband bought in by visitors. It should be able to rely their own staff."