Former care assistant on trial for alleged abuse of patients

Wentworth Croft nursing home, Bretton EMN-140612-185449009
Wentworth Croft nursing home, Bretton EMN-140612-185449009
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A former care assistant ‘ill treated three patients’ at a Peterborough care home, a jury has been told.

Benjamin Appiah (36) is accused of ill-treating three women at the Wentworth Croft Care Home in Bretton Gate, Peterborough in 2013.

Appiah, of Sandford, Peterborough denies the charges.

Charlie Myatt, opening the case at Peterborough Crown Court yesterday (Monday) said: “This case involved the alleged ill treatment of three residents at the Bupa-ran care home Wentworth Croft.

“He was a carer from May 2009 until February 2014, working in Hayward House, looking after residents with dementia.

“During 2013, it is the Crown’s case Benjamin Appiah was witnessed by three separate care assistants to behave in such a way he was ill-treating three women.”

Mr Myatt said the first victim was a wheelchair bound woman.

He said: “It needed two care assistants to take the woman to the toilet. She didn’t like people touching her or standing behind her. If they did she would scream.

“If she started to scream, you would need to talk to her, calm her down and reassure her.

“The Crown’s case is a care assistant recalls a time when she heard terrible screaming.

“She saw this defendant (Appiah) pushing her on his own to the toilet. She was screaming ‘no’ but he continued to push her.

“The care assistant said she tried to reason with him, but he said she was always like that and continued to push her.

“When Appiah was spoken to by police he denied it ever happened.”

Mr Myatt said the second incident involved another woman who needed two care assistants to get her ready for bed.

Mr Myatt said: “One day another care assistant was helping Benjamin Appiah get her ready for bed. The assistant briefly popped to the bathroom leaving Appiah getting her ready.

“When she returned the defendant was lifting the patient with one arm under her legs and one round her shoulders. He used a rough and fast movement to get her to bed - so fast the care assistant could see fear on her face.”

Mr Myatt said Appiah again denied the incident had ever happened.

The third incident is said to have involved a patient who Mr Myatt said did not like people helping her get ready for bed.

Mr Myatt said: “Another care assistant said she heard Appiah say ‘lets get you washed and dressed.’

“The care assistant heard the patient say ‘who the hell do you think you are?’

“The assistant then said she saw Appiah raise his hand to shoulder height with a clenched fist.

“The assistant said the woman then got angry and Appiah left the room.

“Appiah told police he had a good relationship with the patient, and they would often joke together to make her life more tolerable. One of the jokes he said they would use would be to shake their fist in mock anger at each other. He denied he had ever raised his fist in an inappropriate way.”

Appiah is charged with three counts of carer ill treat or neglect a person without capacity. He has pleaded not guilty to all three charges. The trial continues.