Family’s emotional appeal to trace missing Andrew Bedford

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The family of Huntingdon man Andrew Bedford have made an emotional appeal for information about his whereabouts 25 years after he was last seen alive.

Andrew was last in September 1990 at a garage in Ramsey.

Linda Adley and  Lesley Bedford

Linda Adley and Lesley Bedford

Today (Friday) his sister Linda Adley, (45) and his daughter Lesley Bedford, (29) said they were desperate for information about what had happened to him.

Detectives believe Andrew was murdered, but have never found a body.

Sobbing, Linda said: “I would like to start off by thanking all my family and friends that have helped and supported us over the last 25 years.

“Andrew was not a violent person, like with all families he was protective, that’s why I find it difficult to come to terms with why somebody would harm him.

Until there is a body or any kind of remains, I cannot and will not believe Andrew is dead.

Linda Adley

“Personally, I’m not interested in bringing anyone to justice, I just need to know what happened and where Andrew is.

“Until there is a body or any kind of remains, I cannot and will not believe Andrew is dead.

“I beg of you, if anybody knows of anything of which could lead us to Andrew’s disappearance, please let police know. If Andrew is dead please let us lay him to rest and say our goodbyes properly.

“Our mum passed away five years ago not knowing whether her eldest son Andrew was alive or dead.

Andrew with Lesley

Andrew with Lesley

“Andrew has one daughter (Lesley) which he hasn’t seen since she was four years old, he also has two sisters and one brother and many more family members too. We all need some kind of closure after such a long time.

“With mum now gone it turns to us, your siblings and your daughter, to carry on searching for you Andrew.

“Andrew, if you are out there please come home, you have missed so much over the years, you have so many nephews and nieces that want to meet you so much. Watching my children grow up in our family home as we did, is hard without you. So Andy if you want to contact me you know where to find me. My door is always open to you.

“Andrew I love and miss you so much. Please contact us. Love your little sister, Linda.”

Andrew Bedford

Andrew Bedford

Lesley said: “I would like to know what has happened to him as I was too young to remember him,

“Please any information please don’t hesitate to contact Cambridgeshire police on 101 or, if you prefer, you may contact one of the family members.

“Dad if you are out there somewhere please get in contact to let us know you are safe and well.”

The case was relaunched last week, on what would have been Andrew’s 52nd birthday.

He was last seen at 6.20pm on Friday, September 28, 1990, at Factory Bank, off Great Whyte, Ramsey. He was seen in a light blue Ford Cortina estate car eating some takeaway food, possibly fish and chips.

Andrew, then of Tweed Street, Huntingdon, was wearing overalls, a khaki jumper, jeans and trainers and was described as 5’8”, of medium build, with mousey blond, curly, shoulder-length hair and various tattoos.

Despite a huge police inquiry, which included extensive searches by helicopter and specialist divers, a nationwide poster campaign and a reconstruction on Crimestoppers, no trace of Andrew was found.

Three people were arrested but released without charge.

Detectives believe Andrew, who was a reported missing by his girlfriend on Sunday, September 29, 1990, was killed the evening before with a shotgun at a garage called Mongrel Cars, which no longer exists, in Ramsey.

The prime suspect for the shooting is now dead but others who were involved have never been brought to justice.

On Tuesday detectives started searching land on Stocking Fen Road, Ramsey.

The dig is continuing using equipment from Cranfield University.

Det Sgt Gordon Blair said: “We hope that 25 years on, anyone who knows anything about Andrew’s disappearance will find it in themselves to come forward.

“No unsolved crime is ever closed. Where there is an opportunity to bring those who have escaped justice to account we will.”

Anyone with information should contact the Major Crime Unit on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111.