Family of murdered Filip 'devastated' he never got the chance to fulfil his dreams - as the woman who killed him is jailed for life

Murdered Filip Jaskiewicz
Murdered Filip Jaskiewicz
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The family of murdered Filip Jaskiewicz have spoken of their grief after teenager Martyna Ogonowska was jailed for 17 years.

Filip, originally from Poland, was living in Princes Street, was stabbed to death by Ogonowska last year. He was just 22.

He was working as a van driver in the city at the time,, having previously worked in factories in the city.

A statement from his family, released after Ogonowska was jailed today (Thursday) said Filip had 'a very good heart and always put someone else’s good in front of his own.'

They said the family was 'devastated' by the loss - especially as Filip would never have the chance to to have a family of his own, something he dreamed of.

The statement said: " Filip Jaskiewicz was born in a small village called Katy in Poland in January 1995 and was 22 years of age at the time of his death. Filip’s Mother is a disabled person, living back home in Poland and his Father is not known. Our Grandparents raised him and he did not come from a wealthy family.

In such a small town where he grew up, everyone knew each other and everyone trusted one another. Filip was raised to have good morals and was taught kindness, trust and to help others.

After the death of our Grandparents, my Aunt took care of him as well as caring for his Mother.

Filip graduated from secondary school, but the place where he lived there was little opportunity for development or to earn enough money, so my Father invited Filip to come to England.

At the end of November 2017, Filip moved to England and came to live with me. Filip stayed with me for a few weeks, while he settled. My Father and I helped him find a job and later a room to live.

Filip was very diligent and confident. He was so happy that he had got to see another country, experience another culture and meet new and interesting people. It made me happy to see Filip like this. I loved to hear about his work and when he would tell me about the new friends that he had made. He seemed to be settled and had acclimatised very well to the UK.

Filip worked hard. He had his hobbies and his dreams. One of which was the foundation of a family, having children and a wife he could love and be loved by. He told me often that he would like a family like mine. Filip came to England to have a better life, but unfortunately, his dreams were taken from him.

Filip was very obliging, he never refused to help others. He would never show aggression in any way. He was the kind of person to turn the other cheek rather than raise his hand.

Filip had a great respect for women because of his disabled Mum, he often looked after her. He would never hurt a women. Filip was never taught aggression, malice or hatred.

Filip was a friendly, caring, sensitive man. He always stood up for the protection of others. He had a very good heart and always put someone else’s good in front of his own.

When he met Martyna he was so happy. She was the first woman he’d had sex with and a woman that he fell in love with. For him it was very important to respect a woman, take care of her, love her and feel loved. It was his priority.

Unfortunately, he will never be able to fulfil his dreams or raise a family. Filip did not deserved to be treated like this. He did not deserve such a death at the hands of a woman who he’d respected. It has sadden me to listen to Martyna disrespect Filip as a person throughout the Police investigation and this trial. She has never shown any remorse for what she did to Filip and has never taken responsibility for her actions, rather she has blamed everyone else for what she has done.

Our family are devastated at the loss of Filip. It has been so hard for us to come to terms with his death, especially at such a young age. We miss Filip and so much and he will forever be in our thoughts."