Efforts to find Warwick Davis’ caravan sparks ‘Favouritism’ outcry amongst readers

Warwick Davis' stolen caravan
Warwick Davis' stolen caravan
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A police force was yesterday (16/10) accused of ‘favouritism’ by helping Star Wars actor Warwick Davis find his stolen caravan.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary posted a photo on their Facebook page of the Swift Cranfield caravan which was nabbed by thieves on October 8. But some comments left on the page have been critical, with some people claiming they never even got follow up calls after their own vehicles had been stolen.

Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis

Commenting on the social networking site, Sam Deegan said: “This is the first caravan you have put. I’ve had my van broken into three times this year and haven’t heard nothing.

“As soon as a celebrity gets something stolen you put it on here, unfair justice.”

Si Dow had a similar view after over £6,000 of fishing tackle and a push bike from his garden shed was taken.

He said: “Fair enough that Warwick has had his caravan stolen, it’s not nice. But I agree with others on here, why should the police pay special attention to it just because of his celebrity status.”

Cilla Ransberger said it was the same old story, she added: “As soon as a celebrity or a politician need the police, they have plenty of manpower and resources. Sod the rest of us.

“How about giving the same attention to us all.”

Clare Brennan had her caravan and barn torched and lost a lot of sentimental things in the blaze as well as crucial horse equipment.

She added: “I never even got a follow up call.”

Others however came to the defence of the police as Warwick had originally publicised the theft himself on his Twitter page to his 528,000 followers.

Amy Hollinshead said: “You miserable bunch.

“Would you not use your celebrity status to find something if it was stolen. I know I would.”

Lisa Blackman agreed, she said:”I had mine stolen and it wasn’t publicised. That doesn’t mean that Warwick’s shouldn’t be.”

Jamie Fear also commented: “I can’t believe the attitude of some of the people on here. Just because you had your van stolen and you didn’t use social media to try and find it doesn’t mean that Warwick shouldn’t.

“The campaign was started by Warwick himself on twitter. Just bear that in mind before you start accusing people and the police of favouritism.”

In a response to the allegations of favouritism, a police spokesman said: “This crime was treated in the same way as any other.

“Where it is available and appropriate, we will publish CCTV to aid an investigation.”