Drugs gang behind sale of hundreds of thousands of pounds of cocaine to Peterborough addicts jailed for total of 25 years

A drugs gang who supplied hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of cocaine to Peterborough addicts have been jailed for a total of 25 years.

Monday, 12th September 2016, 12:45 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 5:00 pm
The house where the gang operated from
The house where the gang operated from

Walid Aziz, Rebwar Omar, Sarbaz Khalil, Bassam Ata and Bilal Taheeri were all involved in the supply network, which was run out of a terraced house in Peterborough.

When police raided the stash house in Brookfurlong, Peterborough, they found nearly two kilogrammes of the class A drug, along with 27 mobile phones, used to take orders and contact runners to supply the addicts.

The drugs were of a high purity, and officers said had a street value of £173,010.

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Another kilo of drugs, along with £80,350 cash, mobile phones and other paraphernalia was found at the home of Irges Kolludra.

On Friday, all six appeared at Peterborough Crown Court, where they were jailed by Judge Sean Enright.

Omar was jailed for seven years, Khalil for five years and four months, Aziz for five years and four months, Taheeri for two years and eight months and Ata was jailed for two years after they pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

Kolludra was jailed for two years and eight months after pleading guilty to possession of class A drugs with intent to supply.

James Harrison, prosecuting, told the court police had been following Omar and Khalil as they picked up the drugs from another man - who had never been caught,

He said: “Omar, Khalil and the other man met a number of times.

“On July 13 2015 Khalil drove to the Spar in Westwood with the other man as a passenger.

“The man got out of the car carrying a green bag. He walked across Hampton Court shops into an alleyway, where Omar was seen. Drugs were exchanged for cash.

“On July 29 2015 Khalil was in the Focus, in possession of a large amount of cash.”

Mr Harrison said Omar was in charge of the operation running out of Brookfurlong, with Khalil as his understudy.

He said Aziz was seen at the address for a number of days, and he operated the phones, contacting drug runners - including Taheeri and Ata - telling them where to take the drugs to.

He said a ‘stash car’ was seen near where the runners were operating, giving them the chance to stock up before doing street deals.

But the gang was busted after a meeting on October 12 2015, when Omar and Khalil again met the man.

The man was seen in possession of a large Sainsbury’s bag, which was given to Khalil.

Mr Harrison said: “It is the crown’s case that they proceeded to Brookfurlong in a BMW.

“They were arrested later, and found in possession of mobile phones and cash.

“Officers searched the property, and found 980g of cocaine in the Sainsbury’s bag, a further 996g in the loft, along with a number of individual wraps, 27 mobile phones and debt lists.”

Officers investigating the man, who was never caught, attended Kolludra’s address on November 13 last year, and found more drugs, cash and phones.

Joseph McKenna, defending Omar, said: “He did not play a leading role. he attended at drop offs, which logically is the role of someone lower down the chain, given the danger that entails of getting caught.”

Mr Mckenna said Omar - who ran a shop in the city - became involved in the conspiracy as he had racked up a debt selling illicit tobacco.

He said the prison sentence would have a big impact on Omar’s wife, who will be the sole carer of the couple’s six children.

Jon Mitchell, defending Khalil, said his client had a lower role than Omar, as he had worked as an employee at the shop.

He said: “He owed Omar money. He was involved in a car crash, and Omar payed for the cost of the repair. There is no suggestion of extravagance.”

Azza Brown, defending Aziz, said: “He did not play a significant role.

“He was operating the stash car, and then manned the phones. He was paid £150 per week to be a runner, and £200 per week to sit in Brookfurlong.”

Philip Farr, defending Taheeri, said: “He was a standard street dealer. He was not seen in possession of a large quantity of drugs. He was getting paid £50 or £60 per week to be a foot soldier.”

James Hay, defending Ata, said: “He is 20-years-old. He was a small cog in a large wheel - and he had no idea the size of the wheel.”

Graham Arnold, defending Kolludra, said:” He is a naive young man, who was exploited.”