Drug warning ahead of Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire this weekend

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Police news
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Festival goers are being warned about substance misuse ahead of the Secret Garden Party. Police are urging people not to take drugs at the event which is due to take place at Abbots Ripton this weekend.

Among other substances, a total of 27 different tablet designs of various shapes and colours were seized at Glastonbury Festival last month. Initial tests suggest the tablets contain MDMA, but full forensic analysis is currently being undertaken to establish the exact content.

Police have also warned about the dangers of drugs and new psychoactive substances (NPS) - more commonly known as legal highs.

Substance Misuse Coordinator Shelley Ward said: “Just because some of the new psychoactive substances are referred to as legal highs - it does not mean they are harmless, on occasions these substances can be as strong if not stronger than the substance they are trying to imitate. Remember there’s no way of knowing what you are using when you take any substance.”

Chief Inspector Laura Hunt said: “We encourage festival attendees to be responsible and aware of the dangers of drugs and substance misuse.

“I would urge anyone considering taking any substance to be aware of the dangers and understand the potentially devastating effect drugs and substances can have on your health and family.

“We are working with the organisers to ensure it is a family-friendly event and will take a zero tolerance to drug dealing.”

Police and security staff will be carrying out security checks on anyone attending the event.