Dozens fined for dropping cigarettes in Peterborough

Dozens of people have been fined for littering in Peterborough city centre as part if a crack down on anti-social behaviour.

Thursday, 14th June 2018, 1:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 19th June 2018, 4:47 pm
People have been fined for dropping cigarettes in the city

A total of 39 people were fined at court for dropping litter - mainly cigarettes - in the city at a hearing at Peterborough Magistrates' Court this week.

The offences all took place last year in Long Causeway, Bridge Street and other areas of the city centre.

The fines come after a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) was introduced in the city in April last year.

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Since it was introduced, dozens of people have been fined for various offences.

The PSPO bans people in the city centre from urinating or defecating in the street, begging, cycling in Bridge Street, littering and spitting.People caught breaching the orders are given a fixed penalty notice - but if that goes unpaid, court action is taken.

On Tuesday, 36 people were fined £220 and ordered to pay costs of £180 and a victim surcharge after they did not turn up at court, or enter guilty pleas by post. Magistrates found them guilty in their absence.

The 36 were:

1 Triplis Andreas, of Charles Street, Northampton

2 Iveta Biheriova, of Lincoln Road, Peterborough

3 Maric Juckiewicz, of Saltmarsh, Peterborough

4 Neluta Muscu, of Thistlemoor Road, Peterborough

5 Ionut Mustafa, of Shropshire Place, Peterborough

6 Florin Purcaru, of Thistlemoor Road, Peterborough

7 Alzbeta Rigova, of Dogsthorpe Road, Peterborough

8 Simona Stojkova, of Lincoln Road, Peterborough

9 Victoria Tatu, of Lichfield Road, Walsall

10 Steven Taylor, of Holmes Road, Glinton

11 Ageges Tulis, of St Pauls Road, Peterborough

12 Leanne Tween, of Eastfiled Road, Peterborough

13 Allex Ager, of Towler Street, Peterborough

14 Cosminvalentin Avram, of Cromwell Road, Peterborough

15 Constantin Banu, of St Pauls Road, Peterborough

16 Tomas Baranauskas, of Bradfield Way, Peterborough

17 Kim Brothers, of Welland Road, Peterborough

18 Danny Brough, of Osbourne Street, Bletchley, Milton Keynes

19 Scuka Cudeuit, of Star Road, Peterborough

20 Benjamin Duarri, of Eastgate, Louth

21 Tibor Duda, of Dogsthorpe Road, Peterborough

22 Marcin Florkowski, of Bishops Road, Peterborough

23 Ian Gilbert, of High Street, Castle Bytham, Grantham

24 Samuel Harding, of Bodesway, Peterborough

25 Vasile Heletenu, of Tinus Avenue, Peterborough

26 Iordan Ivanciu, of Lincoln Road, Peterborough

27 Samoila Ivanof, of Padholme Road, Peterborough

28 Natalia Jones, of Crowland Road, Peterborough

29 Augis Kiskis, of Crown Street, Peterborough

30 Corrie Mallet, of Central Avenue, Peterborough

31 Eva Paulova, of Oundle Road, Peterborough

32 Jonas Petraitis, of Fengate, Peterborough

33 Tonder Sfarghi, of Eastfield Road, Peterborough

34 Matiss Sitbelis, of Lynton Road, Peterborough

35 Toni Stimpson, of Blenheim Way, Peterborough

36 Hajkle Varadi, of Star Road, Peterborough

Three people pleaded guilty to the charge. They were

1 Michelle Farrugia, of High Street, Eye, who was fined £80, and ordered to pay costs of £180 and a victim surcharge £30

2 Marius Sasnauskas, of Midland Road, Peterborough, who was fined £80, told to pay costs of £180 and victim surcharge £30

3 Stacey Schreiber, of Mendip Grove, Peterborough, who was fined £40 and ordered to pay costs £180, victim surcharge £30