Doggers flee after being busted at Peterborough woods

A police constable was in for a “big surprise” after discovering doggers at a woods in Peterborough.

Friday, 20th September 2019, 11:38 pm

The group were spotted at Southey Wood between Upton and Wansford with the majority scarpering and leaving behind a “great deal of ‘litter’,” according to a post on a Cambridgeshire police social media page.

However, one man failed to flee and was left ‘embarrassed’.

This is not the first time Southey Wood has been utilised in this way, with the Peterborough Telegraph discovering back in 2006 that the site had been listed on a website as a favoured area for doggers, much to the disgust of local residents.

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Police at Southey Wood. Photo: Cambridgeshire police

The tongue in cheek police post read: “When PC #0907 went to Southey Woods this week he was in for a big surprise- but unfortunately it was no teddy bear’s picnic.

“One male was found in a state of dress that can only be described as providing a ‘mask’ for his embarrassment. Several other visitors made a quick getaway when police arrived (was it something I said?), but they sadly left behind a great deal of ‘litter’.

“Anti social behaviour of all kinds is unacceptable. The woods are here for all sections of the community to enjoy- safely, lawfully and appropriately.”