Dismay as two new bus stops vandalised in Peterborough

A Peterborough councillor has expressed her dismay after two new bus stops were vandalised in the city.

Tuesday, 14th September 2021, 5:00 am
Vandalism at bus stop in Lynchwood, Orton Southgate.

The damage to the two bus stops, located close to the Lynch Wood Business Park in Orton Southgate, was noticed towards the end of last week.

On both of them, windows were smashed and alcohol bottles and cans were left littered nearby.

The bus stops had only recently been renovated but will now have to be repaired again after shards of broken glass was left strewn across the seat.

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Vandalism at bus stop in Lynchwood, Orton Southgate.

Orton Waterville Councillor, and Green Party Group Leader, Cllr Julie Howell said: “It is infuriating; these bus stops were new and expensive. One of them has been repaired before as well but will have to be again now, which is such a shame because they look really nice.

“It’s clear that the windows have either been kicked or something big has been used to break them. We will probably never know who did it or why, which is a shame because I’d like to know why it happened to see if we can help that person/person(s) with whatever problems they have that makes them want to do something like this.

“When I saw the damage, I was very dismayed because it will cost the taxpayers, which is the most frustrating part. We want to have our bins collected not to be paying out to repair vandalism like this.

“As someone who wants an increase in public arts, it is particularly concerning. I can’t help but think, will we go to all the effort for it to just be damaged? I know it is a small minority and I can’t think like that but it is still very frustrating.”

Vandalism at bus stop in Lynchwood, Orton Southgate.

“I am currently working on a couple of projects looking to add colour and improve the environment in the ward though and am looking forward to those.”