Cyclists given big fine after being caught riding in prohibited zone in Peterborough

Cyclists were stopped on Bridge Street
Cyclists were stopped on Bridge Street
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Cyclists have been ordered to pay hundreds of pounds after being caught riding in Bridge Street in Peterborough

A dozen cyclists from the city were stopped after being caught riding in the prohibited area in the city centre.

Cycling in Bridge Street is banned as part of the Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), with anyone caught handed a fixed penalty notice.

Those who do not pay the notice are taken to court for further action.

This week 12 cyclists were fined £220, and ordered to pay £180 costs and a £30 victim surcharge. They did not turn up to court - or enter pleas, but were found guilty in their absence by magistrates

The 12 were:

1 Jeziorna Aginieska, of Bourges Boulevard, Peterborough

2 Edvardas Bareikis, of Lincoln Road, Peterborough

3 Verjan Dragjoshi, of Stonehouse Court, Peterborough

4 Matthew Geary, of Ratcliffe Court, Peterborough

5 Thomas Markus, of Eastfield Road, Peterborough

6 Ignas Narbutas, of Risby, Peterborough

7 Adam Reed, of Ellwood Avenue, Peterborough

8 Oliveira Rui, of Limetree Avenue, Peterborough

9 David Tymon, of Lincoln Road, Peterborough

10 Christopher Handsley, of Gordon Avenue, Peterborough

11 Tamrat Harla, of Windmill Street, Peterborough

12 Francesca Lough, of Osbourne Close, Peterborough

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